Weekly Photo Challenge-Grid



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Plenty of Grid photos this week.

Perhaps not entirely Rule-of-Thirds…but grids just the same.

geelong_1863Commencing with two re-posts from last week.

The Waurn Ponds branch of the Geelong Library

is covered on all sides with this grid pattern.

Not everyone’s taste.

Queenscliff-Fort_6584Again these windows (?) in the Queenscliff Fort

are set in grid formation.

roof_0518A ceiling, skylight in one of Melbourne’s Lanes.

DC Photographyooooooooo

Windows and inset frames all in grid formation.

art_0563Bricks make an ideal grid, of sorts, for this laneway art.

reflection_0489A century later and we still have windows and glass walls…

reflection_0445laid out in grids.

grid-tiles_0513Finally this reminded me of the Roman Tessellated Pavement

in Canterbury (I think).

It was 1976 when I visited the United Kingdom. 🙂

I believe that this is the floor below the skylight (3rd photo).



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