Black and White Challenge:

Public Transportation.


Public transport from Melbourne and Geelong.

taxi_0183A Geelong taxi from a supermarket car park.
bicycle_1886Not sure if these qualify.

However, they were lined up outside

Southern Cross Railway Station

last Christmas for the public to use…I presume.
trams_1910Although these are the a modern version of Melbourne trams.

If you notice a few irregularities in one of the trams,

these are caused by a hastily removed tourist

who’s face was easily recognizable.

Wish I had taken another shot!!!
train-seat_2856My trips between Melbourne and Geelong

usually take place in the comfort of these seats…

train_0117which can be found inside V/Line trains.

V/Line services areas outside metropolitan Melbourne.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Public-Transportation