Weekly Photo Challenge-Monochromatic



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I think these would be classified as monochromatic.

seat_0324I have never knowingly set out

to create a monochromatic photo…

banksia_0050however, sometimes one’s surrounding make the choice for us…

gardens_0042especially when looking at a photo with a different mindset.

gardens_0074aThe first two were taken at Queenscliff and few months ago…

gardens_0075while the three above were taken in the

Geelong Botanical Gardens around the same time.

corio-bay_6832This is winter shot and  has been edited for colour.

Some of my Facebook friends were scratching their heads

wondering what it was when I first posted it.

Personally, I rather like the abstract nature of it.

I think it fits the ‘single or limited range of colours

required to be a monochromatic image.