Travel Theme-Dogs




Travel Theme.


What a theme…they are just beautiful.

So here are ours…very random.

ginger_0001A thief stealing from a thief!

maggie_0703The thief.

maggie_0020Thief and sleep…
maggie_0447and dream about a belly being tickled…
maggie_2005 041or perhaps when she got drunk in her youth.
Maggie_1839Age has mellowed Maggie and Soxie cat.

gingerNot sure whether Ginger wanted some more Maccas,

or was shaking hands
ginger-0514_0172Age is catching up, but she is fitter

than her father was and her daughter is.

ginger0002Brandy, Ginger’s father…circa 1988.
Ginger_1778That’s an intelligent face if ever I saw one.
ginger_0739Ginger also loves being in the back of my ute.

Although if I tell her ‘not today, work

she stops showing interest as she

knows she cannot come with me.

That’s our dogs 🙂


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Dogs



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