Weekly Photo Challenge-Connected



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Sunday, is Father’s Day and this morning our

boys took me and MGW out for an early

Father’s Day brunch.

Bacon and eggs on sourdough bread,

with coffee or hot chocolate.

Apologies for the photo this week.

brunch_0376Unfortunately, my hands were shaking and

the photo I took with my phone was a disaster.

However, it does give an idea of our brunch.

Breakfast_0123These get-together’s are really enjoyable, catching up with each other

and reversing the free food call,

(the boys’ cry when invited out)

is good for a change 🙂

I expected my photo to look more like this…

a Mother’s Day photo from several years ago.

After Father’s Day afternoon tea with MGW’s parents,

an evening meal was not wanted.



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