Black and White Tuesday15-0109


Black and White Tuesday

 September 01, 2015


Machinery I spotted a few weeks ago.

machinery_7377I think this is a header for harvesting cereal crops.

I’m a bit vague on that because

we never grew many crops for grain.

machinery_7386aI’m fairly certain that I carted in thousands of bales of hay

on the back of the truck similar to this one.

The tractor, however, was before my tractor driving days.

machinery_7393Once again I never used a three furrow plough like this,

but I certainly jammed my fingers often enough

while hitching it up to Dad’s tractors.

Whoever designed this piece of machinery

forgot to add a leg, wheel…anything,

which would help its balance while

it was being manoeuvred by hand.



Hope you enjoyed.