Weekly Photo Challenge-Today-Was-A-Good-Day



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I had just arrived home from collecting the weekend papers and…

ducks_0001noticed a pair of wild ducks across the road.

ducks_0003I tried to get closer but they took flight.

The sky wasn’t that dark…

 ducks_0004closer to this.

ducks_0005It took a few frames before…

ducks_0007I managed to zoom out enough to capture both birds.

ducks_0008They did not wait around…

ducks_0010choosing to stay well away from me…

ducks_0011preferring to disappear over our neighbours trees.

ducks_0012This is the first time I have captured birds in flight,

and for me

ducks_0013that has made today a good day.

Now, if only my football team will win this afternoon…must run.

Have a good weekend.

The differing coloured (sky) backgrounds is due to my quick, rough editing.  

Have to be gone in an hour to catch a train.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Today-Was-A-Good-Day

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    • Funnily, I have prepared to shoot birds in flight several times and missed. This time I was preparing to shoot into front of me and they took flight…I was lucky enough to to be able to track them…this time. 🙂


  2. You did a good job zooming onto those high flyers!

    Up here in the Tablelands, there are magnificent flights of geese honking over each evening. They sound and look so good.


    • Thank you. I always think there is a large element of luck involved. However, I was facing east with the first shot and west by the time the last shot was completed, so was fairly pleased with the results. But Collingwood lost…again! 😦


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