Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Burgundy-Maroon


My contribution for this week’s




As I have mentioned previously, colours are not my forte.dahlia_0055I hope this dahlia has burgundy petals.

burgundy_0006I think there is some burgundy squares

on the side of the Scentsy warmer.

burgundy_0010And this bowl appears to be a burgundy colour…hopefully.

17 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Burgundy-Maroon

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    • Thanks Jo. How am I? Getting used to retirement or being unemployed. 🙂 A new phase of life which gives me time to do the things I want to do…like learning to use Photoshop…taking time to take photos. How about yourself?


      • Being restless, just for a change 🙂 🙂 Off to the Algarve next week. The other half thinks he’s going to lie endlessly on a beach 🙂 Enjoy it, hon! It passes swiftly.


      • We hope to…although MGW has a few years to go before she is eligible for retirement. During our trip to Africa (last year) other members of the group suggested returning in September 2016. Now they have all withdrawn and left us high and dry. So unless we can find another coupl, or two, to join us our planned African trip for 2016 will be abandoned. However, MGW has arranged long service leave from her work and we a ARE going somewhere…just not sure where. I would like to visit the Western Front in France. Spain and Italy have also been mentioned, would even enjoy returning to the UK. Although you probably cannot get a Wimpy Bar meal for 50p these days. 🙂


      • Thought as much. I keep telling ours about the price of hamburgers ‘back when‘ my 2 mates and I would venture into town on Saturday evening. Last thing we would buy half a dozen plain burgers (meat, onions and sauce)….and spend all of 90 cents. That same burger now would set me back around $8, or $48 for six.

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