Weekly Photo Challenge-BeneathMyFeet



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Beneath My Feet


What’s Beneath my Feet?????garden_7218Depends on where I am.

In our garden it could be grass…

garden_7216Or a pebble mulch in an out-of-the-way bed…

garden_7253or a very rough mulch, which the wind cannot blow,

beneath this daffodil.


In the same area is this White Anzac Callistemon

with its roots protected by the same rough mulch.

garden_7303 Our Manchurian Pear, still not in bloom,

is protected by stone block with some (establishing) ground covers,

and the pavers hold the straw mulch in place.

So an array of beneath my feet in a relativley small area.

Now, It’s time to go to football.



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-BeneathMyFeet

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  2. Pingback: Weekly Photo Challenge-BeneathMyFeet | Donna's Blog

  3. I love your walk around your garden – such a fun post with your shoes. By the way – congratulations on winning the Bledisloe Cup back – history shows that the team that wins the Rugby Championship loses at the World Cup – just saying……


    • Good morning Raewyn, I did know the Bledisloe was being played last night/yesterday…but did not know where. Presume it was NZ? With all the Ashes talk over the past few weeks it’s nice to have a win…although you wouldn’t know it. TV is full of Michael Clarke’s retirement this morning! At least my AFL team had a win yesterday after six straight losses! No finals this year! 😕


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