Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-15Wk-30


This week’s

Odd Ball



 A few weeks ago MGW came home telling me about one of her colleagues knitting a rainbow beanie for her husband.

 I commented that a rainbow beanie would be great…

especially after sitting in the cold at the football a few times this year.

A trip into Geelong and a couple of days later MGW brought home a newly knitted Rainbow Beanie.

Hot on its heels came an email

Subject: Re: Beanie Brother beanie_D1a

‘…wonderful to see the wool put to good use.

Woollymuses takes a different slant.

Congratulations & well done! You are now officially a “Beanie Brother”. You must swear to care for & protect your new beanie from loss, damage & those who do not own such fine head-wear. 

Bro R


 My reply

Brother R

Thank you for accepting me into the Beanie Brotherhood.beanie

I do swear:

  • to care for new beanie
  • to protect my new beanie from loss or damage &
  • to protect it from those who do not own such fine head-wear.

Your brother in wool

Our respective spouses named as ‘brothers‘ after our trip to South Africa two years back.  We always seemed to be getting lost, late, or whatever.

Although I never was lost.  I always knew where I was!

This may not be a single Odd photo, but I am sure it fits the ‘Odd’ category

and hopefully brought a few smiles all round.