Black and White Tuesday15-2107


Black and White Tuesday

 July 21, 2015


This Monday morning was the morning

I decided watch the sunrise.

Corio-Bay_6940So perched upon that seat,

in a near or below zero temperature…

Corio-Bay_6941I waited for the first rays to pop up over the horizon.

The tug heading out to assist a ship into its berth was a bonus.

Corio-Bay_6952But even in Black and White it was worth number fingers. 🙂

ship_7016The bonus for nearly being frost-bitten

was seeing this ship reverse park.

This photo is also my first ever photo

taken in monochrome.

There is probably a few techniques

to be learned for monochrome

as I think color conversions make better photos.

This photo looks ‘flat’ to me.


Hope you enjoyed.


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