Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Lime-Bright-Green


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


Lime or Bright Green


A variety of garden greens.japanese-maple_0774Japanese Maple leaves…with a touch of red.
flower_0308This may be an exception and not found in our garden.

However, I don’t know from where it came or what it is.
orange_0160This orange is definitely ours though.

Acacia_0104We have several small bright green Acacias

planted around our garden.

One variety is even called Limelight.

We thought them ideal as they only grow about one metre tall

by one and a half metres wide.  Which they do!

However, we planted them with a pebble mulch at their base.

I am sure they are losing leaves faster than I am losing my hair.

The only difference is that their leaves grow back.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Light Green

image ~~~~~


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