Travel Theme-Land-Water



Land meets Water

Travel Theme.


Some photos from Victoria’s southern coastline.

gor-11ANear the Twelve Apostles.

In today’s papers an article spoke of

117 hectares of land for sale

with thoughts of…


creating a Jurassic World style park/museum/attraction.

The land is next door to Dinosaur Cove.

Closer to Geelong are beaches near Torquay…


Queenscliffe_6526dand finally, a shot taken at Queenscliff.

I admit to colouring the water…just a tad 🙂


Where’s My Backpack?:

Travel Theme: Land Meets Water



8 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Land-Water

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    • There is just a couple of little things wrong with that one…otherwise definitely a favorite. Blue is my favourite colour. However, as a long departed family friend used to say, ‘…a blind man would be glad to see it and a galloping horse wouldn’t stop….’ I have cut this back to ‘…blind men and galloping horses…’ and MGW knows what I mean! 🙂


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