Weekly Photo Challenge-Symbol



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A drive along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

will take you past the Twelve Apostles…


which have endured for thousands of years against

all that Mother Nature could throw at them.

Flinders-St-Stn_0064I did post these photos last week because they depict a

symbol of Melbourne…

Flinders-St-Stn-clocks_0064particularly for Baby Boomers and earlier generations.

lighthouse_1190Finally, for many sailors in years gone by

the light emanating from these buildings

would have been a symbol of safety.



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Symbol

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  5. Yep, I like ‘under the clocks’ at Flinders Street, Melbourne’s legendary meeting place. Good symbol, right up there with “The G”
    Such a shame that we no longer have all twelve apostles 😦


      • Thank you! Just back from 5 days of Farm stays with 48 kids, The weather was not the best but the kids had an amazing time! We now have 3 days in Melbourne before flying out.


      • Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Whereabouts did you visit…what kind of farms? After spending fifty five years on a farm, visitors always pique my curiosity. 😀. Enjoy your three days in Melbourne.


      • A wide range, farms were anywhere from hobby type place 12 acres or so through to 2000 plus acres. The kids were on 13 farms. around the Kyneton Hanging rock area through to Beaufort past Ballerat and down through Gisborne to Lethbridge, Snake Valley way and up past Castle maine in the Dunolly area.


      • They have had a wide range to compare then. Ballarat, Lethbridge are just up the road bit from me and years ago Beaufort high school was part of the inter school sports competition. I take they are from a local school. If you don’t want to divulge that I understand, also. I taught a group of Chinese students in 2002 took the, around some sights of Western Victoria. Was a great experience. Lots of tears when they were leaving. Really pleased you have had a good time.


      • Would love to work overseas…a wonderful experience. And I guess apart from missing some of the northern summer, our cold would not be as cold as Japan appears to get at times. I just hope some of the host families tried to learn and use the student’s Japanese name. I discovered that my Chinese group preferred their Chinese name…who wouldn’t? I learned fifteen Chinese names and still families with one student referred to the student by their Angolo-Saxon name. I would hear “Allan” and have to think “Wu Qi” (not sure of spelling on ‘Qi’). You have great weather for the weekend ahead. Enjoy.

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