Black and White Tuesday15-0707


Black and White Tuesday

 July 07, 2015


More from Melbourne


One of Melbourne’s older buildings.

Scattered throughout the Central Business District

are examples of this style architecture tucked (saved)

in between modern glass and concrete structures.

Note: I diplomatically didn’t use the word ‘monstrosities‘ 🙂
art-centre_0183The home of Australian Art

lane-art_0155One of my favourite pieces of lane-way art.

Beautiful in colour.


Hope you enjoyed.


Which Way Challenge-15-0707


Week 26

What else would you expect to find in a lane,

but a set of stairs.
laneway_0030I did not venture down to explore below ground.

I had a feeling that I was holding the group up at times.
laneway_0028And these people all knew which way they were going.

But seriously, forming a queue for a cup of coffee.

Come on!!!!

It can’t be that good!!!



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-15-Week-26