Wordless Wednesday_15-July-01

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A variation on my usual Wordless Wednesday post, this week.

I found this job advertisement online on Tuesday.

Apparently grammatical and spelling skills are not required.

Apart from a very minor alteration to the email address,

this is exactly how it appeared online.


Assistant Photographer Wanted

We are looking for a Assistant photographer to work with us from time to time We are a geelong bases Photography Bussiness that is available nation wide we offer all sorts of photography in many areas. no Quallification experience trained needed but must be willing to learn Applicant will be needed be flexable on work hours and location. tasks include- Taking Photographs Editing Meeting with clients Traveling interstate working long hours Working with people Aplicant Must Have: Own Camera A computer and knolledge of how to use it. Having your own equiptment would be benificial but not necicary Applicant Must be willing to- work long hours standing travel interstate at the drop of a hat ( we usualy have notice) work weekend and nights. dress formal for any occasion (dress code described in interview) We will suply- Bussiness cards Work uniform (shirts) and some stationary if this is the job for you please Email your resume (or a letter) along with a list of the equipment you have. to Samcom + click to reveal


I counted well over 40 errors,

probably could have made 50 without effort,

if I had concentrated a little more

Just think how hard we all worked on

spelling and grammar

during our school days…


Wordless Wednesday

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday_15-July-01

    • Me too. As I have replied to others I am out of work this year and would love to teach them how to write a job advertisement or basic English. It is, after all, only Primary School standard.


    • I think I may have already done so. There was an ‘apply/View job ‘ button which I hit to have a look…then found an automatic reply thanking me for applying…on the original site. Somehow don’t think I will need to worry as most phtography positions seem to want someone under forty!

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  1. It actually hurts reading it. Great find. But sad too, grammar was so drummed into us at school. We failed if we got even one mistake. Now the students don’t need to worry about grammar and spelling, as long as they are able to convey what they mean. No wonder standards are falling.


    • That’s a good way to describe it. I found the obvious ones easily…and then fullstops, commas, capital letters (or lack thereof) made it very hard to read. I have seen Grade one students use better spelling and grammar.


    • None whatsoever! Apparently. And yet most job advertisement require a ‘minimum of….‘ before one is considered. I looked at that advertisment because I am not working and would like to find something….but it makes you wonder if it’s a scam when written like that. And how reputable the company is.


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