Weekly Photo Challenge-Muse



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



One of the definitions of muse was inspiration,

which is my take on the muse challenge.
Backpack_0319The contents, or rather some things that

are missing, are a major muse for me.
camera_0312Apart from photographing my almost, empty camera bag,

I delight in using my camera to take shots like this.

Or is the inspiration the view??

fog_1832Or maybe catching an early foggy morning…

corio-bay_0118however, with the purchase of a decent camera equipment

I can now take shots of wildlife wherever it maybe, and…

corio-bay_0119sneak in for some close-ups without disturbing it.

paper-mill-original_6423This year I found myself out of work about

two days prior to returning.

I decided to learn a bit about Photoshop.

Above is an original photo.

I decided to see if I could improve it.

paper-mill-BW_6423a-iI think the end result is a vast improvement that many could,

possibly, have completed in a few minutes.

It was my muse/inspiration for around a week.

Ten minutes here, ten minutes there,

during TV advertisements, and so on.

So I think it is safe to say that my muse, at least this year

is to continue improving my photography, skills