Wordless Wednesday_15-2506

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Plovers are not very colourful, however, here goes…

plover_0253Mum and Dad were the reason I went outside on Sunday.

plover-chick_0250They were noisily shepherding their brood around the yard…

plover-chick_0266and keeping them off the road.

plover-chick_0331And when I appeared to be getting too close,

the brood was told to “Sit” and not move.

plover_0399Across the road the parents still were ordering

their young around…or telling me to clear off.

After I returned inside, I heard what sounded like a dog yelp.

Thinking it was one of ours being attacked by the plovers,

I looked in time to see an early teenage girl (I think)

in full running stride, dragging some sort of terrier

which was nearly air born on the end of its lead.

Meanwhile plover parents were taking turns

in a long 50 metre swooping attack dive

at the aforementioned child and dog.


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