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Old Fashioned

Travel Theme.


Some old fashioned cars.

car_00171A General Motors Holden GTS Commodore, circa 1976.

car_0019Holden Torana, 1973.

My first car was a 1968 Torana.

cars_0012This is the FJ Holden,

the first model General Motors built,

in Australia…around 1950.

tibouchina_6064I know I have posted this photo recently,

however, about thirty years ago

I was told it was an old fashioned plant

and that it was a favourite of Grandfather.

He passed away at the start of World War II.

A former team mate and work mate

of mine used to describe the ‘old days’

as ‘two weeks ago last Wednesday.’

So I guess, like beauty,

old is in the eye of the beholder.


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Travel Theme: Old Fashioned



20 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Old-Fashioned

  1. Lovely post–love your connection with your grandfather through the flowers. My mom moved her irises from house to house, and after she died, the kids each took some home. I think of mom when I see them.


    • I’m that way with the tibouchina…even though I never met him. Only heard a few stories and once read his diary while he was at Gallipoli. All gone now….except for memories of him and tibouchina.


      • You got to read his diary from Gallipoli! What an amazing demonstration of your family’s place in world history. I’m sure it was a fascinating peek into one of the world’s tragedies, and all the more meaningful because you were able to see it through your grandfather’s eyes. My son and I rode five hours each way to visit Gallipoli, and were the only Americans on the bus, but we learned a lot from our visit and were very moved by it. Did your grandfather survive Gallipoli? I hope so.


      • Yes. It was interesting and he did survive…but left a leg somewhere over there…lost it below the knee I believe. My other grandfather was part of the gun crew which fired the first allied shot of WW I from Point Nepean, the eastern side of the opening into Port Phillip Bay.

        Searching for First Shot on WoollyMuses will find other posts I have mentioned this event also.

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      • I’m so glad he survived, although I’m sure he bore scars from his experience, both inside and out! My grandfather was shipped to Europe during WW I, but fortunately arrived just as the war was ending, and so he turned right around and went home again without ever having to serve under fire. I will check out this link–thanks for sending it.


      • My Gallipoli Grandfather sat outside the post (He owned it) and cried the day WW II was declared and was dead little over a year later. My First Shot Grandfather died a week after having his photo taken with his first Grandson/child (yours truly) when I was about 18 months old. He had served on the Western Front and was awarded a DCM for his actions. I think they all should have received DCMs for volunteering to go to war…both sides. Your Grandfather was lucky then. 🙂

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      • I’m so glad that your First Shot Grandfather got to meet you! My grandfather was very lucky to have survived WW I–although he died at 35 of “Brain Fever.” In WWII my uncle died on the Siegfried Line at the age of 20. I think your Gallipoli Grandfather understood the hell that is war, having lived through the first one. I am so touched by his story–thank you for sharing it.


      • I think the leaders of countries should ‘sort out’ those problems and not sacrifice a generation of young men and women to fight their cause. Even those that did survive suffered terribly and I am thinking of an Uncle who was a Rat of Tobruk. He would burst into tears at the thought of talking War. How many other family members, world wide, were in the same boat? Bloody war!!!! I still have my National Service (Draft) Card for the Vietnam War. I was considered unfit.
        I shall now get off my soapbox 😀

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      • Thank you for sharing your family stories. I am so moved by them. I think more people should step up onto the soap box and remind people about the horror of war so they might think twice about sending children off to die. WW II had to be fought, but in my opinion most of the wars fought since then could have been avoided. I am SO glad you didn’t have to go to Vietnam.


    • Holden was the only old fashioned photos I could think of….apart from some of my cloths which are nearly as old and very comfortable thank you very much 🙂 That grandfather passed away about eleven years before I was born and it is one of things few things I have heard about him.


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