Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-15Wk-24


This week’s

Odd Ball



When we visited South Africa,

our cook always told us we were eating

Kudu Burgers, Giraffe Sausages, Buffalo Steaks

or whatever else may, or may not have

popped into his mind.

Whether true or not, everyone had a chuckle

and commented on the taste of the meat etc.

Whenever I relate this story to people

who have not had an affinity with the land,

and/or slaughtered their own animals for meat,

the reaction is similar.

How could  you do it?  I couldn’t eat giraffes!  

And so on.

 menu_6466So, it was a bit of a surprise to see this menu

on a food van at the Old Paper Mill last weekend.

I have never sampled any Australian native wild life,

yet happily munched South African wild life.


Every now and again I hear of kangaroo being on a menu,

but I have never heard or seen crocodiles or emus

being served for lunch.





Travel Theme-Off-Centre



Off Centre

Travel Theme.


Some random Off Centre shots this week.

corio-bay_0144The anchor is a little off centre and so is the ferry.

first-shot_0491Off centre sun

seagull_0026The last three photos are from Queenscliff on Thursday.

Two subjects

queenscliffe_6557This bloke did have a line in the water…

and not far from the sign in the top left.

seagull_0033This seagull would have been front and centre…

if it wasn’t in such a hurry to leave!


Where’s My Backpack?:

Travel Theme: Off Centre