Weekly Photo Challenge-Off-Season



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Off Season


This week’s photos were taken in July and August 2014corio-bay_0142July weather is usually cold, wet and miserable.

However last July these swans and the bay in general

looked anything but winter.

first-shot_0257And what better conditions could we have had

for an outdoor commemoration of firing the

First Shot of World War 1, last August.

first-shot_0387Sunshine and blue skies made it an

ideal day for a family gathering…to remember.

point-nepean_0075This shot is taken from Point Nepean looking across to

Point Lonsdale/Queenscliff.

This stretch of water is the infamous


at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

It looked anything but dangerous on a

winter morning in August last year.




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