Black and White Tuesday15-0906


Black and White Tuesday

 June  09, 2015


Barwon Paper Mill

paper-mill_6489First view of the complex.
paper-mill_6420aOne of the Paper Mill buildings
paper-mill_6429I took this photo because Dad used to have

a disc plough with scallop discs like this one.

Every few years we would need to

replace the discs because the scallops had worn down.



Hope you enjoyed.


8 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday15-0906

      • it has certainly changed….become scientific, believe it or not. However, those discs have been around for years. They were well worn when I left school in the late 60s and probably well behind the times by 2000. However, prices were also out of control and it was not worth the thousands of dollars required to upgrade for a few days work each year. In fact my last paddock I employed a local contractor to plough it for me. He had bigger and better equipment and I was just beginning some teaching work. I think it cost about $150 to plough ten or so acres. In the last ten years…well I shudder to think what it may cost now.

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