Header Image

Most of my header images are self-explanatory, however,

I felt this one needed an introduction.


This was taken last Wednesday night, June 3, looking across Corio Bay to the lights of Point Henry.

It was about 1810 and chilly (our standards).

Technical stuff:

Camera: Nikon D7100

Exposure: 30 secs

f/stop: 22

ISO: 100

Sigma Lens: 50-500 mm

Focal length: 50mm (75mm on 35 mm camera)

 I am fairly pleased with this shot as I was following some instructions for night photography.

I did however forget to lock the mirror up…

and my tripod is not really steady.

Cheers…enjoy your weekend.

Chilly as it may be.




7 thoughts on “Header Image

    • I think, after hearing fellow camera club members talking, that my tripod is too light, in general. After all, the tripod I used the other night was a give-away with the camera. What Google terms, the centre column elevator, is too thin to hold a Sigma lens (nearly 2kg) and camera steady. And I guess that all translates into the legs not being sturdy enough also. I have another tripod…again a give away so not expecting much out of it either. However, the season is upon us when “what do you want for Christmas, Fathers Day etc?” is often heard. Now I will be able to say conributions welcome….instead of jocks and sox 😀


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