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Most of my header images are self-explanatory, however,

I felt this one needed an introduction.


This was taken last Wednesday night, June 3, looking across Corio Bay to the lights of Point Henry.

It was about 1810 and chilly (our standards).

Technical stuff:

Camera: Nikon D7100

Exposure: 30 secs

f/stop: 22

ISO: 100

Sigma Lens: 50-500 mm

Focal length: 50mm (75mm on 35 mm camera)

 I am fairly pleased with this shot as I was following some instructions for night photography.

I did however forget to lock the mirror up…

and my tripod is not really steady.

Cheers…enjoy your weekend.

Chilly as it may be.




Travel Theme-Handmade




Travel Theme.


Some random handmade items.

box_6495A handmade box I purchased at a school fete, I think.

box_6502Seemed like a good idea at the time.

soap_6500Number 1 son brought this handmade soap-flower

back from Thailand a year or two back.

pottery_6494These caddies are handmade by a local potter.

A wedding gift, from little sister-in-law, no less.

Kind of explains why there was such a fuss,

from You Know Who,

when I dropped on of the lids a few years back
souvenir_6505Last but by no means least, handmade ceramics

from Limpopo Ceramics, South Africa.

We are unable to pass through an airport

without helping the local economy.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Handmade