Weekly Photo Challenge-Vivid




My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My first thoughts of ‘vivid’ were colours.

yellow-weaver_0177aSights of weavers building their nest came to mind.

For all who have not seen a weaver at work,

the picture is not upside down.

lekhubu-sunrise_0856Then I thought of vivid memories and sunrise at

Lekhubu Island (Botswana) had to be included.

crimson-roller_0412 Crimson Rollers had to part of the post, along with…

red-weaver_0325the Red Weaver, and…
shrike_0426the Crimson Breasted Shrike.

lion-cubs_0722Photographing these wild cubs at a distance of

twenty feet is definitely a vivid memory.

cheetah_0026-2As is sighting this cheetah trotting up the road towards us…

cheetah_0029-4passing between me and another traveler

who was no more the eighteen inches from me…

cheetah_0149before it flopped down, waiting for a pat.

And that is my hand patting her head as instructed…

probably so she didn’t have to move

if she was still hungry.   🙂

cheetah_0257After being told that cheetahs don’t climb trees

this one put on a show for us to prove our guide wrong.

cheetah_0209-9After which she joined in the trek back to camp.

Those memories qualify as Vivid more so

than a bright colour,

as far as I am concerned.