Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Perspective


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge




This week I am featuring my favourite

animal on the earth.

elephant_0160 Imagine getting a whack with this…

elephant_0187and a whole new dimension is added to…

‘Make sure you wash behind your ears’.  

Our children should never again grumble…

they don’t realise how easy they have it.

DC PhoroD

Same, as above, applies here

elephant_0160A couple of travellers felt a warm spot….just….there.

Our Guide and Google, assure me that

that is where testicles are kept.

You would have to think twice before

trying to kick him in the ………. 🙂
elephant_0055Even this view was something

not previously experienced
Trunk_ElephantWork colleagues had no idea what this was…
elephant_0232and  it had to be explained.

DC Photography

DC Photography

Again not an everyday sight.


On our last day we had an early rise.

Imagine sighting this no more than thirty feet away.

elephant_0385bNot so much a different angle or perspective

for the photograph,

but definitely for the tourists.

Elephant_0181bWe were on the Olifants River

and this old dear was on land

and that was the difference

between high and low blood pressure.

Hers was high.

We were definitely not welcome.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Perspective

image ~~~~~


18 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Perspective

  1. What a great subject for this week’s theme. I must admit that the close up of the trunk was my favourite. I have never seen it that way. Actually, I’ve never been that close to an elephant even though I live in Africa. Also, thanks for the pingback 🙂


    • Regina the up close and personal shots were taken at Elephant Whispers (Hazyview)…just outside Kruger NP and south of Hoedspruit. We were on our way to Sausage Tree Safari Camp…not far from Hoedspruit. Both places certainly worth a visit. Although I sound like I am trying too sell ice to Eskimos with those comments 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t visited much that part of the world, the Saugage Tree camp sounds like my thing, and there’s a few long weekends coming on that I want to plan for.
        Thanks for your wonderful photos Don, I enjoy them a great deal 😄.


      • Can definitely guarantee Sausage Tree, Regina. Also Imagine Africa 4×4 Safaris. Richard and Mandy operate the Safaris while Richard’s sister Sonja and husband James operate Sausage Tree. All staff are tops.

        Liked by 1 person

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    • Just love them Cee. I read ‘Leaving Time’ by Jodi Picoult last spring…a great read about the elephants and only reinforced that which we had seen in wild groups a few weeks earlier


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