Weekly Photo Challenge-Forces-of-Nature


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Forces of Nature



I love a good lightning display.

Mother Nature at her best.

This was taken after midnight in early December 2014.

gor-13AMany times I have visited the Twelve Apostles

along Victoria’s South West coastline.

Constant  erosion is constantly changing

the face of our coastline.

There was another coastal attraction called

London Bridge…and which fell down in January 1990.

(I suppose it couldn’t fall up..could it?)

Two tourists were stranded for several hours on the intact portion

Something to Ponder About has a recent photo of the bridge

as it is now…minus a span.


Trees_1874bAs with the past week,

this shot depicts the force of nature

which I find most irritating….wind.

And strong winds at that.


Finally, somewhere behind a ridge or plantation is the Moorabool River,

deep inside the Moorabool Valley.

Twenty thousand years ago the Valley was on the sea floor.

After centuries of volcanic eruptions

the Moorabool Valley was recovered as land

and is now one of the region’s

best wine producing areas.

Click here for my source of information. 



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Forces-of-Nature

  1. Great photos. That lightning strike is amazing and your photo of the wind is superb. I have been trying to get photos like that to no avail. I had the wind as it means photography is a hard challenge and I don’t like the sound of it.


    • Thanks Raewyn. The lightning was taken through the living room window and I think it is cropped for impact. It was well worth missing an hour or so sleep as the display was terrific and I managed several reasonable shots.

      I may have stuck the camera lens out the back door, a little, when I took photos of wind in the trees.


  2. Sweet! Thanks for linking to “The red granite rock” 🙂

    I also love The Great Ocean Road. Nice shots! I’ve used my pic of the Twelve Apostles on my blog a couple of times now.

    Thx again!



    • It’s a beautiful spot. I see your email is .ca….I had some Saskatchewan friends visits in January 2013. The temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius. My picture was taken on that day and was one of my earliest posts here. And you are welcome. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


      • <grin> It was 40s+ much of the time I was in the Northern Territory, and 100% humidity to boot, in Darwin. There’s something about travel which makes heat much more tolerable, at least for me. 🙂

        Though it can get pretty warm during a Canadian prairie summer, the equivalent Canadian experience for an Aussie traveller is, of course, winter.

        Make that a -40C, which is a temperature which is well nigh impossible to experience in Australia, where even commercial walk in freezers max out at -10.

        I have a chuckle everytime one of my Queenslander mates complains about “arctic” winter weather in places like Noosa, where it barely ever gets below freezing.

        Oh, are you just extrapolating the .ca from my Vancouver home, or is my email address actually visible somewhere? (And thus visible to spam bots collecting email addresses…)


      • I agree that travelling does make the heat more bearable…probably because one is having new experiences. At least that was what happened with us in South Africa on a 40 degree day. The fact that we had an open vehicle helped with the ‘air conditioning’.

        I spent three months based in Theodore and was tempted to stay and experience the Canadian winter…until I saw the winter wardrobe in the basement. We My friends visited, I was asked what the coat was for (in the back seat of my car) and I replied it was my winter jacket. It is a parka which is only less than an inch thick. 🙂

        I know what you mean about Queenslanders. I have some visitors at home many years ago and they were complaining of the cold. I was in shorts and singlet carting bales of hay with sweat running off me. Was over 30 Celsius. I have said it is cold and wet today’s post. Temp still in mid teens though.

        As for the .ca. I see that on the WordPress dashboard, comments page. As well as blog URL, email and ISP. The ISP numbers give a rough idea of where a blogger is located. I won’t comment here but will continue via email if you wish. Would be interesting to know if home is Vancouver and that is where you are located, now.

        Time for morning coffee, Patrick.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Email on its way. Loved the coffee, Smithy’s Pancake Parlours, doughnuts etc. 5-7 of us woould order different doughnuts, split them into 6-7 and have a piece each. Not sure if I would do it now but it was fun. I can honestly (‘they’ say one should never use the word honestly in that context) say I have only fond memories of Canada.

        Liked by 1 person

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