Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-15-Wk-16


Odd Ball

Week 16


I have been trying to work in this post for a few weeks now.  

It is an odd sort of subject…so what better than the Odd Ball challenge.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had been notified

that one of my pictures had been used, drawn

and published on another blog.

Below is the picture in question.

You want

At the time, I had simply received a link/comment

in my WordPress Comments section and

it was this which annoyed frustrated

me the most…I think.

It was not for a further week that I found an email

telling me that my photograph had been drawn

and used on a website.

Had I look in my email more frequently

I did say that I would follow-up and

post the link for those who expressed a

desire to have a look at the drawing.

The blog is called



 On his website, Thomas says he is going to have

an exhibition (I think) in 2016 and

that it is normal for artists to use photographs.

I have some artist friends who would argue with that…

at least using photos taken by others.

My  photos are similar, in subject matter, to many others

 I have seen and I often find myself asking how did

the photographer achieve that result.

In other words there are many photographers,

in the blogosphere, whose work I admire.


My reaction may have been a bit over the top

and was based on the following:

1. It is always nice to be asked…

2. My understanding is that under Australian law

all our work is automatically under copyright.

I acknowledge that Australian laws do not apply worldwide

And I am not going to argue with my adviser in that  respect!

3. I have heard reports of Social Media sites taking our work and

on-selling it to multinational companies.

4. Finally, I have recently had a request to sell a print.

With 70 million photos being upload to social media each day,

I think I was very lucky to sell one.

However it has made me look at my photographs

in a totally different light.

It may be the only photo I ever sell…who knows?

And that is enough from yours truly!


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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16