Weekly Photo Challenge-Early-Bird


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Early Bird


We were still at Savuti Camp Gate, in Botswana…


when our welcoming committed showed up…

yellow-hornbill_0170to tell us all about the camp and…

yellow-hornbill_0180inspect the interior of our vehicle and

checking out this new mob of tourists.

yellow-hornbill_0182Satisfied there were no shifty types on board

although they did mark my back pack

for further inspection…

yellow-hornbill_0183they left congratulating themselves,

and any one who would listen,

on their successful mission.

I was reminded today that I had not identified these birds.

They are Yellow Billed Hornbills.

There two or three other Hoenbills

of which I have photographs and

they all seem to have character.



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Early-Bird

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    • Very adaptable to getting a feed from anywhere or one. These are the Yellow Billed Hornbill. There are several other varieties of which I am aware. As we got to know there habits they did become an interesting addition to a day out.


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