Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



I will admit to cheating a little bit this week…

numbers_1704as I used these on previously, in colour.

For anyone interested, petrol (fuel or USA – gas)

was $1.21 point 9 probably, today – Thursday.

A further 3-4 cents per litre discount is applied

if $30 has been spent at the associated supermarket.

1 Imperial (Australian/UK) gallon is equal to 4.5461 liters, or $5.541659 per gallon

1 USA gallon is equal to 3.7854 Litres, or $4.6144026 per gallon.

We grumble about the price of petrol and yet I paid $5 for half a litre of bottled water in Melbourne a couple of weeks back!


Cee’s Black & White: Numbers