Weekly Photo Challenge-Blur


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



As my hands shake more than the average person

I found it very easy to find a photo

which fits this challenge. 🙂

blur_5762This morning I stopped to take a few photos of

this strip of fog which had not lifted.

My shaky hands combined with the

weight of my Sigma 50-500 mm lens provided

ideal conditions for some blurred photos.

tree-blur_5752Then sometimes my camera thinks it knows more that it does

and focusses on the background.

The result is my photo turns out as above.


With a hand-held 500 mm lens

I can only manage a few seconds before

the shakes sneak up on me rendering

a photo useless for enlarging

or publishing in any format…usually.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Blur

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  3. I have the same problem but have found my new camera the Nikon P600 has great vibration control. So my photos are more hits than misses now. Great photos and story for this challenge.


    • I have the VR in my cameras and lenses also…it’s just the that there is not much VR control in yours truly…particularly with my 500mm lens stretched to near capacity. Still a much better shot than the Nikkor 300mm provided.


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