Black and White Tuesday15-2303


Black and White Tuesday,

 March 23, 2015


Today I received notification that a blogger has taken one of my images

and turned it into a drawing on his blog.

Not sure whether to be flattered on annoyed.

I thought blogging etiquette was to ask permission to use another bloggers work.

Thoughts welcome?


On Monday morning a ventured over to Melbourne Zoo again

as I wanted to see our newborn member of

the gorilla family, which are, by the way,

my favourite primate

gorilla-dad_5720First up I checked out how dad was faring.

Like all dads he appears to be working out

how much this new addition is going to cost him.

Just hope he had enough fingers and toes.

gorilla-bub_5693And mum and bub…well they appeared to be

doing what all mums and bubs do….

in between

feeding and cleaning,

cleaning and feeding,

feeding and cleaning.



Hope you enjoyed.


34 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday15-2303

  1. Gorilla and bub were adorable.
    I read your words and most of those of others, including the person that used your photo. No matter how many people did not say “no”, there can always be that one that might. And not that you would have, but you should have been given the option to say “I’d rather you didn’t” or “of course, be my guess and I’m flattered.” Hard to be flattered when common courtesy is ignored. Even the best intentions call for courtesy. Anyone that reads your blog should know you’re a very nice, agreeable person.


    • He has which is good as I never wanted it removed although it may have come across that way…not sure. Wouldn’t be the first time in my life that I have been mis-interpreted.


  2. Hi, I am really sorry that you did not like me using your photo as reference – I have taken down the post in question. I can assure you that it was intended to flatter you, not the contrary and i feel bad now reading this post and your comments.
    I’ve been doing this for a while, and while I did make a great deal out of always asking beforehand, I stopped doing it at some point because nobody ever said no, as long as the source was well referenced. People have always just taken it as a sign that I like their work and that i want to compliment on it. I think that this is how it’s done in the “art” world generally (and historically) that when you like something, you do a “study” of it. The study is not meant to be a copy, but rather a paraphrase, or an interpretation.
    Again, I’m sorry that I offended you by not asking – I promise that I will not be using your photos anymore. A shame, though, because I really like them!


    • I don’t think I ever mentioned removing your post. I have said I did not know whether to be flattered or ‘offended’ as it would have been nice to have been contacted prior, or let me know rather than just adding a link. As far as I am concerned your post need not be removed. I was totally surprised to see one of my photos reproduced online. It’s a pity you have removed the post as I was going to write a follow up post myself and link to your drawing. I have saved a copy of your drawing would you mind if used it in my post?


  3. Some don’t know the P’s and Q’s of blogging, I’m still learning these things myself. I put up a page about sharing and copying my work. Perhaps it might help you to do that or have you already? I love the ‘mum and bub’ pic that’s so sweet and great quality too.


    • Yes I would have liked a ‘do you mind?’. The answer would have been positive…but I guess at least i was informed via a link…which I neglected to add in my post. I cross flattered and cross 🙂 As for mum and bub…I was pleased with that one also, especially considering the conditions and lighting.

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  4. I agree with you Woolly, getting the OK from you seems to be the neighbourly thing to do before using your work, but seems that horse has bolted. I guess the context in which your photo was used determines whether you should be “flattered or annoyed”. Were you given credit for the original, with a link to your site and an explanation why your photo was used?


  5. Great photos. I would be annoyed. That is why I put my copyright disclaimer on the bottom of my posts. It really annoys my daughter as it is not straight up, but it is to get readers attention.


    • Thanks Raewyn. Apparently under Australian law anything online is automatically under copyright. i only put watermarks on my work because I have heard of some soncial media websites on selling photographs for their profit…leaving the creator with not a leg to stand on.


  6. I think you’re right to feel annoyed, permission should have been sought. Did he/she acknowledge you as the person with the original photo?

    The photo of the mother and baby is rather special!


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  8. It’s not ethical to use another’s work and not acknowledge the source and pass it off as your own. I hope you will contact that blogger and get an explanation, a removal of the image or at the very least an acknowledgement that it is yours.
    I haven’t checked, do you have a creative commons disclaimer, or something about copyright. I’ve seen them to good effect on the Home pages of other blogs where everyone can see them. I guess at the end of the day it is still up to the person “borrowing” the images to acknowledge where it came from.
    A good defense against things like that is to be well known, such that other people will immediately know when an image is yours and let you know, which is what happened in this case. Please let us know what you decide to do and the outcome.


  9. Wonderful pictures. As far as blogging, the most you can do is put a copyright or permissions statement on your blog. Though you sidebar is pretty long and they might not bother to scroll down. 🙂 There might be a way to put it in each blog post without it showing on the Reader when you don’t have other text. I have had a couple of pictures used in other blogs. I go there and put a comment about how glad I am they liked my photograph.


    • Thank you. MGW tells me that under Australian law just the fact that it is on my site, my work etc., it is automatically under copyright. I was acknowledged as provider of the image…a Meerkat , of which there are thousands of others online.


  10. Love these photos and your header with those eyes! You are right about the person who used your photo without asking permission first — you should be flattered and annoyed. If you really strongly about it, you need to address the situation with the person. Looking forward to seeing what you find out.


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