Black and White Tuesday15-2303


Black and White Tuesday,

 March 23, 2015


Today I received notification that a blogger has taken one of my images

and turned it into a drawing on his blog.

Not sure whether to be flattered on annoyed.

I thought blogging etiquette was to ask permission to use another bloggers work.

Thoughts welcome?


On Monday morning a ventured over to Melbourne Zoo again

as I wanted to see our newborn member of

the gorilla family, which are, by the way,

my favourite primate

gorilla-dad_5720First up I checked out how dad was faring.

Like all dads he appears to be working out

how much this new addition is going to cost him.

Just hope he had enough fingers and toes.

gorilla-bub_5693And mum and bub…well they appeared to be

doing what all mums and bubs do….

in between

feeding and cleaning,

cleaning and feeding,

feeding and cleaning.



Hope you enjoyed.