Weekly Photo Challenge-Fresh


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I recently posted these shots of our home-grown oranges,

Oranges which must have been taken nearly twelve months ago.


This morning our oranges are far from being orange.

pears_5528However, the last of our pears are hanging on,

for dear life, to the lower limbs of their tree and

hoping that Maggie does not develop a taste

for them, as she has for apples.

apples_5534Speaking of which, the last of our apples are being

kept fresh where Maggie cannot taste them.

frost2206_1795And finally, another type of fresh,

which I guess relates to a fresh  day.

Frost, cool temperatures (below 10 degree Celsius)

and it is often said that the wind, air or weather, is fresh.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Fresh

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    • The lamb, I suspect, is by a Dorset ram, with a Merino ewe as its mother. In the sheep world it’s a bitsa and produced for meat not wool. At this point I will desist from rambling on about the sheep and wool world.


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