Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



Initially, this challenge had me stumped…

music_0001until it dawned on me that the piano I pass

several times each day was a musical instrument.

music_0003There is even a metronome from

kids piano learning days.

music_0004Another look and I realised the guitar

I purchased some years back

would be suitable.

music_0005No I don’t play it…now.

Used to play about forty years ago and then stopped.

Had a passion for a steel string guitar, a few years back,

and in a moment of madness….well, this  is it.

Three to four months down the track Number 2 tells me

that steel strings need replacing every three to four months.

That combined with, shall we say, less flexible fingers

and seemingly not enough time or desire to practise,

and you guessed it, I still have a guitar

in pristine condition guitar…except for those strings!

Maybe…just maybe, now that work is scarce

I may have it tuned re-strung and

try again…when there is no-one around.


Cee’s Black & White: Music-Instruments