Wordless Wednesday_15-1803

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After sighting many zebra in their

natural environment, however, on Monday…


these zebra appeared kind of sad in

their relatively small zoo enclosure.


Apart from being able to get ‘up close and personal’

with some of the animals,

there is a degree of sadness after seeing them

in the wild…and in large numbers.


Wordless Wednesday

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday_15-1803

  1. I so agree. It will forever be hard for me to go to a zoo after spending time in Namibia. Though I do support conservation and reproduction efforts for endangered and threatened species, some of which take place in zoos. It is a tough call in some instances, especially for animals that are not being protected in their natural habitat.

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    • I know what you mean. We saw, what our guide described as, over 1,000 elephants in one sighting last year. Seeing a few in small enclosures, and then in their handling pens, just did not get me excited. But if that is the only place they are safe….so be it. Somehow, I think if they are the last of their species then poachers will find a way….

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      • Unfortunately, poaching is such a huge industry, that looking after our precious animals is a losing battle. That is why private game farms are more common. Granted, not all zoos are equal, but there are some that take animal preservation seriously, and as you say – in the future, that may sadly be the only place left to keep a species alive.

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    • And I am a Collingwood supporter – Australian Rules Football. You either love or hate the team….and they have the black and white vertical stripes. Zebras could be my favourite animal 🙂


    • Agree totally…which is why I felt they looked lifeless, particularly after seeing herds(?) of them galloping around in Kruger Park and Botswana. The zebras in Madagascar had/have personality, like zebras in the wild. Sadly, however, zoos are probably the only places our grandchildren (I don’t have any on the horizon☺️) will be able to see many of these animals in a few years/decades.


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