Black and White Tuesday15-1703


Black and White Tuesday,

 March 17, 2015


I thought a tribute to St Patrick suitable for today.

Rain_1771Years ago while on the farm and I was much younger,

I often heard my elders talking about Saint Patrick’s Day.

Dad always said we needed an Autumn break

(rain to end summer by today), however,

there was a saying…

Rain_1771bthat went along the lines of….

“If it rains before Saint Patrick’s Day

it is too early.  

If it rains after Saint Patrick’s Day

it is too late and…

if it rains on Saint Patrick’s Day

it will spoil the (horse) races.”  

Hard to please the Irish sometimes…and before anyone sends hate mail,
my ancestors were Irish and I’m damn proud of the fact! 🙂


And due to public pressure 😉 I have inluded some green for Saint Pat!



Hope you enjoyed.