Weekly Photo Challenge-Orange


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Random shots of orange.

All the above were snapped by Number 1, while helping him furnish his house last year.

No, none of these made the grade…no matter how hard I persuaded him.
Some home-grown oranges

Mock Orange_1853Might be stretching the bow a bit with a Mock Orange…

ORANGE3but pumpkins seeds are okay.

car_0428The company calls this colour Fantale

but for me it an orange subject.

sunset_0350Pinkish orange?????  Sunset February, 2014.

Yesterday I also posted this on the Sunsets and Sunrises Facebook page.



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Orange

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  2. A very fun series! I thought the mock orange was funny, and I would never have recognized the pumpkin seeds up close until you told me what they were, and then I thought “Of course!” I was trying to figure out if they were some weird form of sea life!


    • I was in a hurry this morning and simply did a ‘orange’ search. I had forgotten about the pumpkin seeds as well. I think they were used in a very early post…2013. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed though.

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