Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Things made of plastic.


 A random selection this week…

car_428Once metal bumpers are now plastic…and no longer ‘cheap as plastic’.

In my youth I remember Dad paying just over $20 for a metal bumper bar.

A few years ago, in a lapse of concentration I reversed our car

into a garden bed which has concrete edging around it.

That little lapse cost me over $700…for a plastic bumper.

barometer_0488Dad’s barometer is the oldest thing I have which is made of plastic.

In those days the plastic was inclined to break.

micro_0381A fair chunk of our microwave is also made of plastic.

lights_1903Plastic lights decorative light shades.


This collage is mostly plastic with a bit of metal thrown in.money_472

When I began working, nearly half a century ago,

the term used for currency notes was ‘paper money‘.

A few years back, our paper money was converted to plastic.



Finally, these signs which remind us ‘touch on’ and ‘touch off’

our plastic credit card style, pre-loaded, tickets


plastic_1967And we have to touch on and off on the

plastic card reader in front left corner.


Cee’s Black & White: Things made of plastic.