Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Farm-Animals


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


Farm animals.
Horse_1856I never owned a horse…but Dad always had stories of

horses, farm and rides to school.

They were a big part of his life.

sheep_0040This was my idea of a farm animal.

donkey_0216Not sure if donkeys count as farm animals.
donkey_0255Probably at some time.

In Botswana they seemed to roam at will.

sheep_0046Again my idea of farm animals…

sheep_0049with these being the reason for sheep farming.

Replacements for your breeding flock.

ginger_0072And wherever you farm sheep or cattle you are

likely to find a sheep or cattle dog.
Ginger_1778Ginger did not spend much of her life on the farm.

I think she is dreaming of chasing sheep in the previous photo.
brandyy-dc_2-3These next two are nearly thirty years old.

Apart from nicknaming Brandy my six million dollar dog,

in his latter years,

at this stage of his life

he was known as my Bi-Centennial Pup.

Born in 1988…Australia’s Bi-Centennial year.

brandy-pup_1-1For thirteen years he was my faithful companion.
bucketheadThis is Brandy in his Bucket Head era…

about 10-12 years old…he passed away at thirteen.

Ginger was born in September 2001 and looks

much younger than Brandy did in this shot.

Over twenty-five years of faithfulness

from father and daughter.

Brandy had an infected iris, had to be in the dark

and the bucket was to stop him scratching the ointment 

I had to put in his eye twice a day.  

To begin  with he hated the bucket…

but then realized he had to wear it

and willingly came to stick his head

through the hole in the bottom.



Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Farm Animals




11 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Farm-Animals

  1. Lovely contribution! I also longed to own a horse, but never could (hard to keep one in an apartment…). Yes, donkeys are farm animals. I especially loved your tribute to your loving dogs. I can relate, having loved and lost so many great beings. Thanks.


    • Thank you. Dogs are some helpful on a farm. There is a Black and Tan Kelpie stud not farm from where I lived which auctions their Kelpies (Brandy and Ginger) each year. They often receive over $20,000 for a young dog/bitch. Seems a lot until one thinks of it in terms of a station (farm) hand’s wages for a year…only guessing now but would assume around $50,000 p.a. Makes $20k seems cheap…especially when spread over 12-15 years.

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