Travel Theme-Environment




Travel Theme.


A re-post from the Chobe River in Botswana…


it was magic.

elephants_0059These ellies thought that this environment was better…
elephants_0074while still others had a different idea…
elephants_074about what was a good environment.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Environment





9 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Environment

  1. Oh, sorry! FB is an abbreviation for Facebook. ( I just assumed he had posed by his kill, and posted it. It’s possible that someone else posted the photo of the guy with his elephant kill.)


    • The really sad part of this is that he is a loved (retired) sportsman who lost his wife to breast cancer. Google “the pink test” and you will see all the good he does/has done. Much of his reputation has been undone due to an incident shortly after his wife succumbed to breast cancer. I don’t think he posted the [photo….but it turned up on FB.

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      • I just went to the internet and looked up this man and his wife. Trophy hunting and the controversy made their way onto his Wikipedia page, and it wasn’t difficult to follow a lead to the photos. There is obviously more to the man than killing magnificent wild creatures. It’s beyond my understanding how he can reconcile these two aspects of his life.


      • Apparently it took place the year his wife passed away…but the whole country and probably the whole sporting community was shocked. He was brilliant at his craft, loved by all, so this came as a shock to all. However, not much more can be said, and you a right there is far more to him than one safari and I agree with you sentiments.


    • An awesome world which we are doing our very best to destroy. While we were in Africa in 2013, were told of all the nationalities which came to Africa for trophy hunting purposes. Recently one of our retired sporting stars had photos turn up on Facebook depicting him with gun and dead elephant.


      • My mistake, Nsomi. I had idea that you may have been referring to that sports star, however, I only had a blokes look through my post. It was not until now, still a bit puzzled that I read the comments and dis covered you were referring to my reply to your first comment. Confused?😊. My mistake. Must run have a photo shoot in half an hour or so. Cheers. 😀

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