A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Broken


My contribution for

Word of the Week Challenge

this week.


Some broken African animals…

skeleton_0747I know this is a recent repost…but to me it is broken…

skeleton_0330along with this elephant skeleton…

skelton_0285and this one, too.
elephant_0637While the tusk is the subject…

it’s hard to think animal as majestic as this,

can be reduced to a pile of dried up bones.







Weekly Photo Challenge-Reward


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Last week I visited a wetland near Geelong…
wetland_0007and was rewarded some photos of these ducks.

wetland_0026While I was hoping the birds would come a bit closer,

 I like the way water reflects the reeds in

various parts of the photo.

For a February morning it was cold.