Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-7


Odd Ball

Week 7


Not a very good photo, but it was a perfect Odd Ball…

at least I think so.

Having spent most of my life on or around farms,

when shopping becomes my task,

I always look for the Made in Australia label…

even if it does cost a little  more.

warning_4466And so it was on Thursday when buying some cheese.

Then my eye caught the warning symbol and Allergen Advice heading.

It appears that society, or the world, has become so reliant on

regulatory bodies warning them of ingredients products

may contain, that consumers no longer think

it is their responsibility to have any knowledge of products they consume!

Anybody can Google ‘main ingredients of cheese’ and

will be told that it is MILK.  Believe me. I just did!

But, really!  Are we so reliant upon Google?

Unfortunately with the advent of the internet,

I think the answer is “Yes.”

So consumer…you have been warned.

Cheese contains MILK!


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-7






22 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-7

  1. Labels can be so deceptive, as well as so obvious. I like the warning that has to go on coffee cups–Warning! Contents can be very hot.–or something similar. Of course, it’s because of lawsuits, but how ridiculous! If the coffee isn’t hot, people complain, too. The world’s crazy these days.



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  3. I’m teaching my students about nutrition labels right now. Isn’t it interesting how they have to state the obvious. When ‘fat free’ was the craze, foods that never contained fat were advertised as fat free and now that gluten free is the hot commodity, all foods that never contained gluten are labelled gluten free. People don’t even know what gluten is but believe that it must be bad so we should ALL avoid it, not just those poor people who are gluten intolerant and suffer intensely from it.

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    • Yes. I used to grumble about. advertised. 96% fat free milk. I was always under the impression that there was only about 4% fat in cow’s milk which made it 96% fat free in its natural state. According to Google, this morning, Canadian and American whole milk, contains 3.75% fat. I suspect cows around the world would produce similar milk. But doesn’t it sound better if your product is 96% fat free. So a product which 96.25% fat free is advertised as 96% fat free and sold at a premium price.


  4. Labels definitely leave me scratching my head too sometimes … like the bag of walnuts I bought which included an ingredient list on the package. You guessed it …. it contained one ingredient – walnuts.


  5. Well, we learn something new every day!

    Says she, throwing out the Nanna’s frozen berries that were in her freezer, not wanting to develop Hepatitis A. What a world we live in.


    • And apparently Birds Eye is moving to New Zealand to take advantage of the different import requirements. If Birds Eye moves we will, according to an email, have no food processors in the country. You’re not on your own with Nanna’s Berrys from what I hear.

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      • At times like these, when no work about, I do wish I had kept my classing registration current…and just occasionally I would like to have some involvement with then. Then I remember the 0300 call outs in old stormy conditions to shed cold sheep. Naaaaah 🙂

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