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Travel Theme.


Visits back to my home town always lead me

past my parents’ woolshed.
WoolShedm_1941I can remember it being built almost sixty years ago…

and the forty years of work

I was part of after leaving school.

The present owners raise cattle and so

the shearing industry is no more in ‘our’ shed.
woolshedcc_1921This waas my/our  woolshed.

It was run down when we purchased the land.

Many dollars and hours of time was injected into this shed

to keep it serviceable.

Imagine my surprise at seeing all the yards had been dismantled.

The door left open to the elements and another

industrial building is no longer used to

the capacity for which it was designed.
Hayshed_1939aThis was Dad’s hayshed.  It held around 2,000 bales of hay.

Every year I would spend time pushing bales of hay (40-50kg)

up into the very top of the roof under a December/January sun.

As a teenager we would earn pocket-money hay-carting.

Not many teenagers look to hay-carting as a

means of pocket-money these days.
sheep_0038 The hay would be used as sheep and cattle fodder.

As both these industries suffer from high costs,

low commodity prices and ageing operators…

treess_0490we are seeing more of this industry spring up.  Trees.  Blue Gums.  Eucalyptus Globulus.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: “Industry



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-4


Odd Ball

Week 4


A week or so ago I saw what appeared to be a slug on a window.

snail_3843Closer inspection revealed this…which looked weird…

snail_3847until I ventured out to get a better look.

Suitable for Cee’s Sunday Odd Ball?

I think so.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-4
















My contribution for


‘Captivate Me’ 



I am late with last week’s post.  However, better late than never.  I have still kept the urn as my first photo as it was the one I commence the month with.  I did managed to take some garden shots using the same effects and have included the relevant shot in each of Week  1 and Week 2

During the Christmas break I purchased and began to

READ…yes, read

the instruction book for my camera.

Marvellous what instruction books contain!

I discovered by pushing a button or two I could

severely affect the look of my photo…

no computer software required.


I decided our Christmas tree would make the ideal subject.

I turned my back one day and the next thing I knew it was

back in its box packed away until December.

So this urn is going to be this month’s subject.

Scroll down further to see a

garden shot in colour sketch

colour sketch

This shot is in ‘Colour Sketch’ Mode.

The instruction book states that

Colour Sketch turns a photo into

something resembling a coloured pencil drawing.

I think this effect in the garden shot, below,

is the best of all the effects I have tried

to date and is better when there is

some colour in the subject.

Technical Stuff

Week 3 – The Urn

Apart from focal length, all the technical stuff is pre-set by the camera:

  • Camera: Nikon D7100
  • Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-105
  • Focal Length: 105 mm
  • Exposure time: 1/50
  • F Stop: 5.6
  • ISO: 800


All photos are taken with a

Nikon D7100 shooting in Effects Mode

and letting the camera do the work.


Technical Stuff

Week 3 – The Garden

Apart from focal length, all the technical stuff is pre-set by the camera:

  • Camera: Nikon D7100
  • Lens: Sigma 50-500
  • Focal Length: 116 mm
  • Exposure time: 1/250
  • F Stop: 8
  • ISO: 110





 Hope you enjoy!



Weekly Photo Challenge-Express-Yourself


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Express Yourself


This was a bit of a challenge…then two ways of

expressing myself came to mind.

art_3975These artworks which adorn our walls are mostly my purchases.

I like Australian scenery
art_3976However, not everyone in our household shares that point of view.

Me? I like them 🙂

art_3977This one is on my study wall  and was either

a birthday or Father’s Day gift, a few years ago.

I had commented that I  did like it but was not expecting it.

None of these will never be regarded as ‘masters’…but I like.

magpies_3973The second way of expressing ‘me’ is this series.

magpies_3972Collingwood Football Club (known as the Magpies)

is an Australian Rules football team

which I have supported since  the late 1950s.

I cannot wait for the season to commence in a few months.

magpies_3971Depending on the weather and my seat (in the open or under cover),

you will find me wearing my team colours at the games.

The windcheater is a given…

and if the weather looks a bit on the chilly side

the Adidas jacket (first photo), complete with beanie and scarf,

also accompany me to the football.

As the years progress I find the beanie more useful 🙂

Collingwood is a suburb of Melbourne.





Floral Friday-15-2301


Floral Friday



Some random flowers from our garden this week.

garden_3933These were a surprise to see last week…

garden_3937and I still don’t know what they are!

garden_3940And I thought I knew what these were called…

garden_3944but I could not find them in Google.

That may be because I was spelling ‘dietes’ as ‘diedes’?

MGW set me straight on that.

I think Ginger has ESP and

was laughing in advance.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



I’m featuring one Victorian roadscape…

Branxholme_0454followed by three others…

Africa_0357taken in South Africa’s Kruger Park…

Africa_0038and on the road to…


Botswana…but still in South Africa.

I believe this photo was taken during a break

while we were having some repairs

completed on one of our vehicles.


Cee’s Black & White: Roadscapes