Floral Friday-15-3001


Floral Friday



In September 2013 I showed you photos of this succulent…

Cactus_0247cand included…

Cactus_0232this house brick, for scale.

I think a brick is about 20cm/8 inches in length.

cactus_3962A week or so ago I took this shot and included the pavers,

which are 40 centimetres square.

Sixteen months has made a big difference and

considering my size 12 feet kick it

every now and again (water tap is just to right of shot)

It has done well.

There are several other in that bed,

but this one is the pick of the bunch.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday



14 thoughts on “Floral Friday-15-3001

    • They are rather attractive…particularly when I broke one ‘branch’ off and just stuck it back in the ground. It’s not the gap on the right of the photo it was on the left side. I just love when the keep me out of trouble with you know who!! 🙂


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