A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Opaque


My contribution for Word of the Week Challenge this week.


Our Maggie, like all labradors, could never…

maggie_0007abe accused of being transparent…


maggie_0703except when it comes to food and…

maggie_2005 041sleep.

When she was about two, MGW emptied a bottle of wine onto the ground, thinking it would be quickly absorbed.

An hour later MGW found Maggie looking a bit worse for wear.

Concerned, she bent over to have a talk to Maggie and received a lungful of Maggie’s exhaled breath…

and immediately knew why Maggie was looking a bit sad.

Maggie was drunk.









Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



I have been trying to download a trial version of Paint Shop Pro since last May.  Or better said, open a download.

Yesterday I achieved that goal, on my laptop, but still no joy with my PC.

So today and for this post I have been playing with PSP.

bark_0706aI found a texture option…

bark_0044aand played around with Black and White options available…

wood_0261aand discovered the contrast and sharpen buttons.

wood_0218aI also clicked on a feedback button to create this image.

bricksA few bricks for added texture…the wall looks spectacular in colour.

bark_0064aEnding with a some fairly heavy

contrasts on this bark.


Cee’s Black & White: Texture