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Visits back to my home town always lead me

past my parents’ woolshed.
WoolShedm_1941I can remember it being built almost sixty years ago…

and the forty years of work

I was part of after leaving school.

The present owners raise cattle and so

the shearing industry is no more in ‘our’ shed.
woolshedcc_1921This waas my/our  woolshed.

It was run down when we purchased the land.

Many dollars and hours of time was injected into this shed

to keep it serviceable.

Imagine my surprise at seeing all the yards had been dismantled.

The door left open to the elements and another

industrial building is no longer used to

the capacity for which it was designed.
Hayshed_1939aThis was Dad’s hayshed.  It held around 2,000 bales of hay.

Every year I would spend time pushing bales of hay (40-50kg)

up into the very top of the roof under a December/January sun.

As a teenager we would earn pocket-money hay-carting.

Not many teenagers look to hay-carting as a

means of pocket-money these days.
sheep_0038 The hay would be used as sheep and cattle fodder.

As both these industries suffer from high costs,

low commodity prices and ageing operators…

treess_0490we are seeing more of this industry spring up.  Trees.  Blue Gums.  Eucalyptus Globulus.


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