Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



We are in the middle of a week of stormy weather,

which is unusual for this time of year…

in fact any time of year.

We can thank a complex weather system

dragging monsoonal rains south across the country.
lightning_3490I don’t know how my camera changed from

 f4.5 at 2100 to f32 at midnight.

It wasn’t until I was sure there had

been some beautiful lightning strikes and

they had not been captured that

I discovered the problem!

lightning_3566So this was the best midnight shot

I managed to record, last night.

lightning_21331These last three shots were taken in early December…


at about 0200.lightning_2135
and these weather events could be classified

as some of

my favourite things.


Cee’s Black & White: Weather








17 thoughts on “Cee-Black-White-Weather

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    • It was annoying the hell out of me…particularly as there was a fair bit of time between strikes. The night of the last three shots the lightning was terrific…every minute or so.


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