Weekly Photo Challenge-New


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I was visiting my favourite waterhole yesterday

to try out my new  lens.
pelican_2927It was our first day with temperatures

in the high 30s…Celsius
pelican_2929Percy was busy cleaning himself…
pelican_2930scrubbing behind his ears.

pelican_2932cleaning his belly…
pelican_2933and back, before…

pelican_2935ducking his head under…
pelican_2936and proceeding to…
pelican_2937give himself…

pelican_2938an all over

pelican_2940Wings and…

pelican_2941water were…
pelican_2942flying everywhere…

pelican_2943as he washed and…
pelican_2945cooled off in the afternoon heat.

pelican_2947After all this washing…
pelican_2923Percy felt like a new pelican. 🙂




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