16 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-41

      • We have never been in the presence of African animals which have made us feel uncomfortable. If the lion that ROARED late one night, seemingly only about twenty feet from our tent had been closer and become aggressive, I would have worried. But they all give their cues when one comes too close. And that attitude is what will probably get me mauled by a wild animal. I said at work last wek that I would go back to Africa at the droop of a hat…especially on a photographic safari, or similar.

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      • For sure, my attitude is rather safe than sorry, and being alert to the cues are very important. Unfortunately you see so many tourists with the attitude that these are just like zoo animals, and they are not. We are very blessed with the wildlife at our doorstep, just wished we could get out more. Cannot wait to take Boeta on a camping trip into the bush when he is a little older.


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